100% natural coconut shell charcoal briquettes from a manufacturer in Indonesia

Coconut Charcoal Briquettes for Shisha and Barbeque (BBQ)

wholesale bulk supply of briquettes/ hookah coals with your brand

directly from a best coconut charcoal factory in Gorontalo, Indonesia

  • 100% coconut charcoal without chemicals
  • Free from smell & odor
  • Free From Cracks
  • 2+ hours of burning time
  • 0% ash content
  • 650 °C of burning temperature

All Charcoal Product is Tested in an Independent Laboratory

To guarantee the consistent quality
of each batch of coconut shell charcoal briquettes
for shisha or BBQ is tested by an independent laboratory

Types of Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes

we are manufacturing and supplying 7 types of coconut charcoal briquettes for wholesale and bulk buyers of hookah coals all coconut charcoal briquettes are made from 100% natural coconut shells



  • 20x20x20 mm
  • 22x22x22 mm
  • 23.5×23.5×23.5 mm
  • 25x25x25 mm is the most popular size
  • 26x26x26 mm
  • 27x27x27 mm
  • 28x28x28 mm
  • 29x29x29 mm
  • 30x30x30 mm
  • 31x31x31 mm




Special size for better airflow and higher temperature

Cube High Flow

Cube Hole

Cube High Temperature

Specification of Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes

Our factory is a bulk & wholesale manufacturer of charcoal briquettes from coconut shells

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Specification for all hookah coals types:

100% odorless, free from smell

2+ hours of burning time

Burning Temperature 650°C

Free from chemicals

Free from cracks and spills

Precise cutting & shape & weight

Super Premium

Best Quality & Price Value

Ash content
2.0 – 2.2%

Drop Test 3+ times

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Ultimate Quality for Luxury Brands

Ash content
1.8 – 2.0%

Drop Test 4+ times

For more information on specifications and charcoal briquettes price per ton contact us

General Specification :

  • Calorific value 7500 cal
  • Moisture 6 – 8%
  • Fixed carbon 75 – 80%
  • Ignition time 8 – 12 min
  • Volatile matter 12 – 14%

Product components :

  • Natural coconut charcoal shells
  • Food grade tapioca
  • Spring water with pH 5.7


Get a Free Sample of Hookah Coals
(Coconut Charcoal Briquettes for shisha)

Get a free sample of the premium coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha
from our Indonesian factory.

We provide a 1 kg sample of cube-size coconut charcoal briquettes.

Samples are free and delivered by DHL. FedEx, EMS, and CDEK paid for by the customer

Our Love and Passion to make the best hookah coals for you

Why Choose Our Factory for Manufacturing Your Hookah Coals Brand

1. We burn the coconut shells by ourselves in our production facility.

Sulawesi Island, especially Gorontalo is rich in coconuts. This allows us to maintain a constant quality of raw materials and their regular supply.

The soil on Sulawesi Island is rich in potassium and other minerals.
This makes it possible to obtain coconut charcoal for shisha with an ash content of 2.0% (confirmed by an independent laboratory).

Also, coconut shells from Gorontalo have a high combustion temperature of over 700 degrees.

2. Gas ovens for drying coconut charcoal for shisha

Gas ovens are more expensive to operate but give a stable temperature. It is possible to change the drying temperature quickly.

Most factories in Indonesia use wood stoves. This makes the product cheaper, but the quality of briquettes is unstable due to temperature fluctuations and the instability of wood combustion.

Gas furnace allows you to maintain the right temperature and drying time of briquettes following the standards.

3. We are using 8 steps of quality control from raw material to packing.

We are the first plant in Gorontalo to apply fully integrated quality control at all stages of production.

Starting from the roasting of coconut shells to the packaging in boxes.

4. Packaging is printed in a professional printing facility.

We use only full-color industrial offset printing. Make your packaging on 6 colors of German-made Heidelberg
printing machines.

Your packaging will arrive in good quality and with vivid colors on quality paper on FSC® certified paper.

5. Wrapping your hookah coals boxes with Thermal Blanket in each shipment.

Wrapped in a thermal blanket or film to protect against moisture and temperature fluctuations. The hookah charcoal will arrive to you safe and sound.

Coconut Charcoal Briquettes Factory Data Sheet

Legal Name : PT. Cakrawala Anugerah Gorontalo
Address : Jl. Prof. DR. H. Mansoer Pateda, East Pentadio, Gorontalo, Indonesia
Owner : Sartika Hikaya
Production Capacity : 6 tons of coconut charcoal briquettes per day.
Established : 2019
Product : Coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha, BBQ and Hookah Coals
Quality : Platinum & Super Premium confirmed by Independent lab
Branding : OEM, under the client brand

Watch a Video About One of The Best Shisha Charcoal Factories in Gorontalo

Photos of Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes Factory

Minimum order & Payment Terms

The minimum order for most destinations is 18 tons (20″ft container). It is possible to mix different sizes and packaging of shisha coconut charcoal inside one container

Minimum Order (MOQ)

USA, Russia All other countries
1 ton
(LCL container)
18 tons
(20″ ft FCL container)

Payment Terms

  • Currencies: USD, Euro, Yuan, USDT
  • Payment method: Bank transfer (TT vias SWIFT), LC

PT. Cakrawala Anugerah Gorontalo is a registered & legal company in Indonesia.

All invoices & payments only to PT. Cakrawala Anugerah Gorontalo Bank Central Asia Tbk accounts only

We provide contracts and fixed specifications for each order. For Russian customers, we have a special contract suitable for Bank Control.

Why Choose Us As Your Coconut Charcoal Briquettes for shisha or BBQ Wholesale Supplier & Manufacturer

100% Coconut Charcoal

Free From Smell

from 1.6% Ash Content

2+ hours Burning Time

2+ hours of burning time

Extra Strong Hookah Coal


100% Natural Charcoal

Our coconut charcoal briquettes are made from 100% natural coconut shells that are organically grown without any mixtures of wood or artificial chemicals. We source our raw coconut shells in bulk, up to 300 tons per month from our own production plant in Gorontalo, Indonesia.

Quality Control

We are the first factory in Gorontalo to implement 8 steps quality control system. Each batch of coconut charcoal briquettes is tested by an independent laboratory.

OEM Manufacturer

Coconut charcoal briquettes manufactured under your brand or Private Label (OEM manufacturer). We can pack it in 1, 2, 5, and 10 kg carton boxes with full-color print, laminating, and embossing. We keep your design secret, sign NDA and make it is safe from your competitors.