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Complete Information On Specifications And Prices For Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes

Our charcoal factory, PT Cakrawala Anugerah Gorontalo, manufactures 3 types of coconut charcoal for shisha/hookah and BBQ.
Below is the table with specifications :

Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette Specification

  Platinum Super Premium Premium
Ash 1.6 – 1.9% 2.0 – 2.2% 2.3 – 2.5 %
Burning Time 2h 30 min 2h+ 1h 30 min+
Ignition time 10 min 10 min 10 min
Drop Test 1/10 2/10 4/10
Odor free free free
Ash color natural white natural white natural grey
Fix Carbon 80% min 80% min 75% min
Moisture 5% max 6% max 8% max
Volatile Matter 14.5% max 16% max 18% max
Calorific Value 8500 Kcal 7800 Kcal 7500 Kcal
Origin Sulawesi Sulawesi Sulawesi


Quality is controlled by the in-house Charcoal Quality Control Team. Each batch of coconut charcoal shell briquettes is tested at various stages of production. Starting from grinding, mixing, extrusion, cutting, oven, and packaging.

Hookah Charcoal Size

Hookah Coconut Charcoal Cube Sizes

  • 20x20x20 mm
  • 22x22x22 mm
  • 23.5×23.5×23.5 mm
  • 25x25x25 mm is the most popular size
  • 26x26x26 mm
  • 27x27x27 mm
  • 28x28x28 mm
  • 29x29x29 mm
  • 30x30x30 mm
  • 31x31x31 mm

Hookah Coconut Charcoal Finger Sizes

  • 8×50 mm (72 pcs per 1 kg)
  • 18×35 mm (102 pcs per 1 kg)
  • 20×50 mm (64 pcs per 1 kg)
  • 20×35 mm (94 pcs per 1 kg)
  • 22×50 mm
  • 22×48 mm
  • Custom Size Available

Hookah Coconut Charcoal Hexagonal Sizes

  • 18×50 mm (72 pcs per 1 kg)
  • 18×35 mm (102 pcs per 1 kg)
  • 20×50 mm (64 pcs per 1 kg)
  • 20×35 mm (94 pcs per 1 kg)
  • 22×50 mm
  • 22×48 mm
  • Custom Size Available

Coconut Charcoal Price

The price for coconut charcoal depends on the specification and packaging.

In general, there are 2 types of packaging: bulk and inner box packing. The difference between those two types is 100 USD per ton. Again, this price may vary as it heavily depends on packaging specification and can reach up to 200 USD per ton.

The price for 100% natural coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha in July 2023 starts from 1300 USD per ton on EXW basics with the minimum order of 18.5 tons or 20″ ft container.

As for FOB prices with bulk packaging price starts from 1300 USD and for the full packaging starts from 1350 USD per ton.

FOB is based on port of Surabaya or Jakarta, Indonesia

Please note, this is the average price and the final price will depend on the exact specification, volume, packaging

For more information on price please Whatsapp/Telegram us at or email us at

What is the minimum order for coconut charcoal briquettes for hookah and shisha

The minimum order quantity is a 20″ feet container. Depending on the shape of your coconut charcoal briquettes the weight can be different.

Cube shape sizes from 20 to 27 mm can fit up from 18000 kg to 18600 kg per container.

Finger or tube or hexagonal charcoal type requires more space. We can fit up to 16000 kg per 20″ feet container.
The volume depends also on the type of packaging. If you order all in an inner box/brand box of 1 kg it will consume more space and will fit just 18 tones.
At the same time if you order bulk packaging in 10 or 20 kg master boxes – it will fit much more – up to 19500 kg per 20 ” container.

Can I order a less than 20″ feet container, like 5 tones or 10 tones?
In general, we do not serve less than 20″ feet full container load. We are a factory and it is not efficient to produce less than 15 tones in one batch.
Besides it is not allowed to ship LCL or partially loaded containers or mix containers with coconut charcoal briquettes. Charcoal briquettes are assumed by shipping lines as dangerous goods and shells be always kept separately from other goods.
That is why it is impossible to make sea delivery of less than one full container of charcoal

How to order coconut charcoal briquettes

To place an order for coconut charcoal briquettes is very simple.

First of all, you have to choose the shape, size, and specification for coconut charcoal.

We are manufacturing shapes of cubes, flats, pipes, fingers, rounds, pillows, and hexagonal. Size may vary from 18 to 50 mm. It is better to choose charcoal shapes according to the customer’s request.

The second step is to choose your specification.

The main parameter to choose is ash content – how much ash is left after charcoal briquettes are burned down. Less ash is better.

We are manufacturing briquettes with ash content of 1.8 – 2.2%; 2.2 – 2.5%; 2.5 – 3.0% and 3.0 and up. The most common ash content is 2.2 to 2.5%.


The third step is to choose your packaging.

There are a lot of variants to choose from. The basic is an inner box (brand box) of 1 to 5 kg packed inside the master box (10 or 20 kg).

The inner box can be made with laminating (glossy or doff), with embossing or gold/silver plating. Mostly inner box is made in full color.

The master box can be done in full color or black and white only. It is recommended to use a double wall. It is slightly more expensive than a single wall but makes a box much stronger.

Forth step is to confirm your payment details and manufacturing schedule.

Keep in mind that production can take up to 2 weeks. Plus we need time of 3 days to pack and staff the container.

We provide invoices with specification details. By request, we can sign an additional export contract for you to comply with your country’s requirements.


“Every batch of our production is not only tested by our in-house quality control team but also tested by an independent laboratory. This helps us to keep the best quality according to our specifications”

*coconut shell charcoal briquettes on the stove

Production Capacity

Hookah charcoal production capacity is 6 tones of ready product every day.

How to pay and transfer payment for coconut charcoal briquettes

The standard payment method is bank transfer or Telegraph transfer. You are sending money from your bank account to our corporate bank account in Indonesia.

Generally, to make an international transfer you need only a signed invoice. But for some countries, such as Russia, you also have to open a “deal passport” based on a framework contract between your company and our factory.

We provide all documents, including invoices, contracts, and framework contracts, if needed. Please let us know, so we can fill it in based on your data.

Money transfer takes from 1 to 5 days to hit our account. An average is 2 working days. After you perform a transaction, please send us a copy of the payment slip.


Our corporate bank account number is :

Address :
Branch :
Account :
Name :


In the unlikely case of a problem with transferring money – something like you transfer, but we do not receive it – you can always request SWIFT confirmation from your bank.

Based on the SWIFT slip or confirmation we can track the money status and know where did it stick. But it is very seldom the situation. Usually, we receive money for a couple of days.

To make a money transfer we give you our corporate account number and bank SWIFT code. Note, that we use only corporate account numbers in Indonesian banks. We never ask to send money to private accounts or via Western Union.

We use the following Indonesian banks: BCA ( Bank Central Asia Tbk), swift code is CENAIDJA or Bank Mandiri Tbk with swift code BMRIIDJA. Those are the two biggest private and government-owned banks in Indonesia.

Those banks have a direct connection with most of the first-grade international banks. It is very easy to transfer and tracks the money.

In most cases, you have to do a transfer two times. The first time is to make a down payment. Usually, the down payment is 50% of the invoice value of coconut charcoal briquettes.

The second time or it is also called balance payment – you pay the difference between the number of boxes of charcoal minus your downpayment. The actual (final) invoice may be slightly different from the initial one (called proforma invoice) due to the fluctuation of the number of the box per container.

Basically, 20 feet container can feet up to 18200 kg of charcoal, ie. 18200 inner boxes. But sometimes the box dimensions may be different or you order some in the master box (bulk) some in the inner box. So the final dimension may vary. It can be +/- 50 boxes.

That is why the balance or final invoice can differ for this number of boxes. The number of boxes is counted by an independent surveyor or shipping line staff and our manager at the factory.

The final payment is transferred against the shipping documents. It means that you have to transfer money after the original Bill of Lading is issued by the shipping line


The Difference between Super Premium and Platinum types

The main difference is in ash content and test drop (how strong is the briquette). Ash content for Super Premium is from 1.9% to 2.2% while for Platinum is 1.6 to 1.9%

Coconut shell charcoal briquettes laboratory tests & certificates

Every batch of our production is not only tested by our in-house quality control team but also tested by an independent laboratory. This helps us to keep the best quality according to our specifications.

Below are several lab certificates confirming the quality of our charcoal.